The Third Eye Wellness

The Third Eye Wellness is a wellbeing center that provides individuals with the tools, opportunities, and healing space to become the best version of themselves through self-discovery and wellbeing activities.

Our services support individuals to find balance in the mind-body-energy aspects of their lives, leading them to overcome challenges, open their minds to new possibilities, and shift perspectives thus inspiring physical and emotional healing.

We believe that empowering individuals through a journey of self-development will lead to success and personal fulfillment, create a positive impact on others, and make a difference in the world.

The Wellnest Group

Former corporate executive meets a former ballerina. Less than a year later the first 360 degree approach to corporate wellness in Southeast Asia is born.

The "Wellnest" idea seed was planted in 2018 and within a span of months, the Wellnest Group grew to service some of the most renowned names in the corporate world; including internationally acclaimed wellness destinations.

We are a 360 degree corporate wellness solution, tailoring tiered corporate programs; inspiring happier, more productive working environments by connecting individuals to their company culture and discovering their most authentic self.

Our Mission

This virtual event brings together wellbeing practitioners, coaches, and experts together with seekers of wellbeing, personal growth and transformation on one platform to share and connect with each other. With the on-going pandemic, this festival gives individuals the unique opportunity to pause and reflect upon their current situation and choose to improve upon their wellbeing through a variety of workshops, talks and activities. Through inner work and self-exploration, one can have a better sense of self and tackle life problems better.

For Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities, please email us at or call +63917 636 2800.