Inclusivity – Safety – Community

YOU! Wellbeing Festival

YOU! Wellbeing Festival, in short YOU!Fest, is an interactive three day virtual wellbeing festival, an environment of learning, of community and support. 

We aspire to create a supportive online community dedicated to equip our participants with the tools necessary to handle an ever-changing world, allowing you to remain true to who you are.

The three days are filled with over 36 different classes based on the key topics inclusivity, safety and community.

Each day has been carefully curated by our team to encourage key themes of self-love, safe exploration, expression and empowerment led by local & international experts, wellbeing advocates and facilitators with strong backgrounds in health & wellbeing.

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Our mission

With the global pandemic continuing to take its toll almost one year later, mental health is increasingly a large concern across the world. 

The individual & collective challenges that we face every day are asking us to handle and adjust to a world that can change in the blink of an eye, most of the time into a scenario unknown and impossible for us to grasp and difficult to digest. 

Unprecedented times are re-shaping our day to day lives. It is here where the opportunity lies to turn the gaze inwards and call in a new awareness and presence that is anchored in YOU! – your true nature. Because YOU come in your own color, shape and flavour – and this is what the world needs now.

YOU!Fest was created 

- to offer a safe space where people can show up, share and participate with all they are and have to offer

- to help people reconnect through and with self-love, (self) acceptance, diversity, tolerance and respect

- to share tools and techniques that open up our bodies, minds and spirits to increase our capacity to hold more of life and to move through its ups and downs with vulnerability, ease and grace.

- to offer the opportunity for exploration through a variety of workshops, panels & activities. 

YOU!Fest is an inclusive and safe space committed to share, nurture and retreat from the chaos of the outer world.

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Come as you are, because the way you are is just right. And all of that is welcome. With an open heart and an open mind, we meet each other intolerance, mutual acceptance, respect, reflection and inquiry for we are one and whole and complete. Every aspect of You is invited, included and integrated, or otherwise, the world wouldn’t have it.


You come in all colours and textures of the universe. Know that it is safe to be You. It is exciting to be You. This is a space of exploration, of journeying into the deeper and more adventurous realms of who you are, a safe space to discover the unchartered territory, spaces to nurture, blossom, express, unfold and untangle the many facets of who you are. No judgement, no rejection. You are safe, you are held.


You are not alone, even though it might feel like it sometimes. Our community is in service of You. To support you, hold you and to guide you through the path of discovery back to yourself. To show you how to see yourself with a softened gaze. Family comes in all shapes and colours – we believe in a tribe that finds itself through a shared, common reality, that can build on common values based on trust, reliance, awareness and vulnerability. 

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Choose what calls you

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content that simply doesn't align with what you need, YOU! Well-being Festival is delivered entirely online and offers a variety of themes to feel into and to explore. 

Drop in and watch the specific sessions that inspire you to create new habits or even transform your life – or go all in and catch them all. Replays are also available for any session missed.

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3 days
62 speakers
8 categories
How Well Do You Know Your Gut and What do I Need to Know About Fasting? 28 February 2021, 05:00 AM
Dr. Raphael Domroese
Train like a Spartan | Spartan Asia Pro Athlete Round Robin Workout 28 February 2021, 12:00 AM
Emily Astiz, Wellington Co 'Beef', Mike Jiang, Maximilian Lai & Johnny Tieu
Introduction To Energetic Martial Arts | Qi Gong and Yi Quan 26 February 2021, 12:00 AM
Lucas Galliot, Taofit Coaching
Receiving Life: Healing Meditation with Reiki 27 February 2021, 11:00 AM
Aisa Jarales-Hewlett Reiki Master Teacher,

The healing balm for body, mind and soul can be found right here

Our speakers will be holding a safe space while sharing years of knowledge, their unique experience, personal inspiration and medicine. 

Let yourself be drawn into life stories and shares that offer new skills, healing experiences, movement medicine, sound journeys, meditative and breath practices, and so much more to support you in your journey towards YOU!

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